0 0 19.94 New USD Homax PPG Arch Coatings Temporarily Unavailable - Aerosol Wall Texture, Knockdown, Water-Based, 20oz Model: 4065-06 Product ID: 4065-06 Homax Knockdown Aerosol Wall Texture can also be used to apply this attractive decorative finish to an accent wall. Once applied, this heavy-bodied wall texture is knocked down using a drywall knife to achieve the finished look. Both professional contractors and DIYers can get the performance and results deserved with our popular aerosol texture products. 4065-06
Easy to use
Great aerosol wall texture spray for beginners, it's easy to use and really helped me to cover some wall holes. love that I can use it heavy or light-handed, all I did was knockdown with a scrapper tool & it worked wonderfully.
Helped cover up shoddy work
When we removed a large mirror in our bathroom we found out that it was missing drywall and on top of that the walls themselves had a lot of texture that standard drywall jobs don't usually have. Using the Aerosol Wall Texture made it easy to cover up the imperfections in the wall below. Hopefully I'll have after pictures soon, but the project isn't completely finished yet... Thank you PPG for this awesome DIY option.
Awesome product!
This wall texture works great! Not only does it spray easy but is has a comfortable spay handle. Easy for anyone to use! Just follow directions on the back and the wall will get textured very easily! Great color and you can control the texture size and spray easily with distance. Hardly any smell as well!
Great product!
This Wall Texture Spray is very easy to control. Being water-based made clean up easy too. The texture is not thick and sloppy like some others I have used. I highly recommend this wall texture spray.
We recently got a small home that had wall texture. We wanted it gone so we used Homax Aerosol Wall Texture Knockdown and tackled it rather quickly and easily. The instructions are clear and it's quite affordable. I wouldn't hesitate to use it again in the same scenario!
Good for small patch areas
The Aerosol Wall Texture works good for small patch areas. I wouldn't recommend it for larger areas or a whole wall. Make sure to shake it a lot before using it and test it on cardboard BEFORE using it on your wall so that you can get the appropriate spray pattern that you want on your wall.
Just wow
Wow is really the only thing I can say. This stuff works SO well and made a very overwhelming job so much simpler and easier. Big house with lots of popcorn ceilings and this stuff works GREAT. So much cheaper than hiring someone and simple to use. Overal 10/10. Just wow.
Loved it
Worked exactly as expected! Blended right in and easy to hide imperfections. It dried very quickly and efficiently. I was a little nervous trying a project like this myself but very happy how it turned out.
Great product
I have gotten a 20 oz wall texture Knockdown (water based) spray can and I recognize that the perfect one for texturing or fixing drywall, it is very easy to apply through the spray nozzle so no experience is required to Do it and also apply it according to the texture you need to obtain, be it medium or complete. It is a product that offers satisfaction and guarantee without having to pay high prices yourself, you can do the project following the instructions, achieving the desired texture. For me it works perfect providing good coverage in the patching thus achieving excellent results. My project has not been very big but because it is my first experience it has been super beautiful, I feel that it is a product to take into consideration if you have a DIY project that you want to do yourself ...
Larger container great coverage
Had a decent sized area needed to rework due to an AC drain line leak. Patched the drywall and was worried about coverage area. Pleased to see I not only had enough product, but was able to blend it in without worrying about running out with just one can!

Temporarily Unavailable - Aerosol Wall Texture, Knockdown, Water-Based, 20oz

Item #4065-06


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Homax® Knockdown Aerosol Wall Texture can also be used to apply this attractive decorative finish to an accent wall. Once applied, this heavy-bodied wall texture is knocked down using a drywall knife to achieve the finished look. Both professional contractors and DIYers can get the performance and results deserved with our popular aerosol texture products.





Specially formulated for patching knockdown or “southwest style” drywall textures. Once applied, this premium-bodied texture is knocked down using a drywall knife to achieve the finished look. Can also be used to create decorative effects on accent walls or even texture an entire room.

• Water-based, Easy Clean Up, Low Odor
• Adjusts to spray medium to heavy knockdown textures
• Covers up to 60 sq. ft.

This product cannot ship to Hawaii or Alaska.


Homax® Knockdown Texture is the fastest way to patch “knockdown” drywall textures. To achieve the best results, please read the following directions carefully before you begin your wall repair project.
 WARNING: Cancer - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

• Water-based, use warm water for cleanup.
• Sprays best between 68˚ F and 72˚ F.

1. SHAKE CAN vigorously FOR ONE MINUTE prior to use.
2. TWIST OFF safety tab from nozzle.
3. Always practice spraying on cardboard or scrap drywall to determine preferred pattern. Pointing away from face, adjust dial to desired pattern:
4. SPRAY using a circular motion. For a heavier knockdown pattern, spray in short bursts to build up texture. Shake can occasionally throughout use.
5. Allow texture to dry for 4 to 8 minutes, then knockdown. Use knockdown or 6-8” drywall knife, wet blade, hold nearly parallel to surface, and draw across texture applying little to no pressure. DRY TIME: Allow to dry 2-5 hours before painting (depending on heaviness of pattern).
6. TO STORE: To store, clear nozzle by turning can upside down and spraying until texture is cleared.
PRECAUTIONS AND FIRST AID: Sanding and grinding dusts may be harmful if inhaled. This product contains crystalline silica which can cause lung cancer or silicosis. The risk of cancer depends on the duration and level of exposure to dust from sanding surfaces or mist from spray applications. The product may not be stable under certain conditions of storage or use: high temperature/pressure hazard. In a fire or if heated, a pressure increase will occur and the container may burst or explode. Keep away from heat, sparks and flame. Keep away from flames, such as a pilot light, and any object that sparks, such as an electric motor. Do not puncture or incinerate container. Do not expose to heat or store at temperatures above 120°F. Do not breathe vapor or mist. Do not swallow. Do not get on skin or clothing. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep container tightly closed and sealed until ready for use. Wash thoroughly after handling. Provide fresh air ventilation during and after application and drying. Avoid the inhalation of dust, particulates, spray or mist arising from the application of this preparation. Use personal protective equipment as required. FIRST AID: If swallowed, rinse mouth with water (only if the person is conscious). Call physician immediately. Do not induce vomiting unless directed to do so by medical personnel. If in eyes, rinse with water for 15 minutes. Check for and remove any contact lenses. If on skin, rinse well with water. Wash with soap and water. Get medical attention if irritation develops. If inhaled, remove to fresh air. If experiencing respiratory symptoms call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician. Contains: proprietary pigment (not available); water (7732-18-5); dimethyl ether (115-10-6); proprietary binder (not available); proprietary phosphoric acid ester (not available); crystalline silica, respirable powder (<10 microns) (14808-60-7). Keep out of the reach of children. For workplace use, an MSDS is available from your retailer or by calling (412) 492-5555. EMERGENCY SPILL INFORMATION: (412) 434-4515 (U.S.). I WARNING: Cancer – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.