0 0 38.84 New USD Homax PPG Arch Coatings EasyGate® No-Sag Gate Kit Model: 80099 Product ID: 80099 Homax EASYGATE® No-Sag Gate Kit enables any homeowner to build a sag-free gate frame in as little as 20 minutes. 80099
Worked out great!!
I had non problems. It is a process.. but what isn’t if you do construction like myself.
Looks Good
Quick and easy. If you don't have a saw to cut angles, this product solves the problem.
Super sturdy
This gate kit is awesome. So much better made than others we've used.
Sturdy, quality construction
This no-sag gate kit is well constructed of heavy gauge metal with straightforward instructions for building a square gate easily. This is a set that will last and last. I have confidence the metal brackets will not twist or warp, and the hinges seem especially durable. Installation was easy with the enclosed hardware, and I couldn’t be happier with the finished result.
Really is that easy
This definitely lives up to the name. It is really easy to use and has everything you need included in the kit. We used this to repair a gate we have in our backyard that has been there for a while. It started sagging and was hard to keep closed. We used this hardware and installed it on the gate and noticed a considerable difference in how the gate opens and closes and looks overall. I like that the directions are easy to follow and you don't have to have any special tools to make this work.
No more sagging gate
OK I’m gonna admit that I have attempted to build more than one gate and every time it sagged, until I found this no sag gate kit. I was able to build a replacement gate in less than 20 minutes with this kit! It was easy to use, easy to install, and the instructions were very clear on the back of the box! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to build their own no sag gate from a pre-fabricated fence or even a fence you built on your own! It surely made things easier for for me and I am very proud of my new gate.
Works as advertised
I used this kit to make a gate for my barn. It was fairly easy to use, and seems to be working great. There’s no sagging, and the instructions were easy to use. All went as expected while using it to make the gate.
Great product!
This helped so much with our gate on our wooden fence. It was easy to install and came with all the needed instructions to complete a proper installation. It definitely made the gate a lot easier to open now and I don’t have to struggle any longer with it sagging and dragging on the ground. I did receive this item for my honest opinion.
Solid Kit
This is a nice heavy-duty gate kit. This gate kit is easy to work with. It makes putting up a gate effortless and it doesn’t sag. The hardware was surprisingly heavy which is important for it to be functional. But I was very surprised with how heavy it was. It does come with screws which are helpful. This is a solid kit.
Great for our deck gate.
We built a brand new deck a few years ago and had some deck gates also installed on two sides out of wood to match. But over the years the gates started to sag, drag, and damage the actual deck so we came across this easy gate no-sag kit and wanted to give it a try to see if it would fix our problem. We had to do some wood adjustments to the gates to properly install everything in this kit, but it still was a very simple process. It was so easy to install everything on the wood gates and get the gates back mounted. We have been using the gates daily for over a month now and we've had no issues with sagging or dragging. Very pleased with this kit, how easy it was, and how well its holding up.

EasyGate® No-Sag Gate Kit

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Homax® EasyGate® No-Sag Gate Kit enables any homeowner to build a sag-free gate frame in as little as 20 minutes. The kit includes 4 gate brackets with attached hinges and screws for easy assembly. Hinges and screws are constructed of powder-coated steel in a black finish to resist rust. Use with openings of 25" to 72" wide and there’s no height restrictions.





Building a fence or utility gate properly is critical to reduce sagging and maintain use and longevity over time.

Homax® EasyGate® No-Sag Gate Kit enables any homeowner to build a sag-free, square gate in as little as 20 minutes. The kit includes 4 gate brackets with attached hinges and screws for easy assembly. All parts are constructed of heavy powder-coated steel in a black finish to resist rust. Constructs a gate for an opening of 25" to 72" wide, with no height restrictions. Fits various lumber sizes (2x3s, 2x4s, 2x6s, etc.) and types. Choose a left or right swing. Ideal for use with fence gates, corral gates, and shed doors.

Why Choose Homax EasyGate No-Sag Bracket Kit?
  • Build custom sized gates, add to pre-fab gate applications, or repair sagging gates.
  • Black powder coated steel construction enables sturdy, square no-sag gate
  • Salt-spray tested, weather and rust-resistant
  • High-quality, welded one-piece design for maximum strength
  • Accommodates various horizontal rail sizes
  • Use for left or right-swinging gate
  • No Z-bracing required
  • No angled cuts needed
  • For openings 25 in. (63.5cm) to 72 in. (183cm) wide; no height restriction
Each kit includes:
  • (2) hinged brackets
  • (2) non-hinged brackets
  • (36) mounting screws
Where To Use
  • Fence gates
  • Corral gates
  • Shed doors
  • Deck gates
Homax EasyGate No-Sag Gate Kit can be used on wooden fence gates to add curb appeal and character to your home, while enhancing privacy and safety. In addition, you can use EASYGATE to build utility gates such farm fences, livestock stall doors, and gates to protect your property, equipment and more.

Building a sturdy, square gate and eliminating problem gate sagging is a snap with Homax EasyGate No-Sag Bracket Kit.

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Tools Required:
  • Saw
  • Screw Driver or Screw Gun
  • Drill
  • 1/8” Drill Bit
Note: Pre-Drill all screw holes with 1/8” drill bit

Key: Wood Screw (W), Pan Head Screw (P)