0 0 36.99 New USD Homax PPG Arch Coatings EasyGate® No-Sag Gate Kit Model: 80099 Product ID: 80099 Homax EASYGATE® No-Sag Gate Kit enables any homeowner to build a sag-free gate frame in as little as 20 minutes. 80099
Easy to use
Bought this yesterday at HD. Took me less than an hour to build my gate and install it.
Worth it!
Some rust on the screws after a year, but fast, durable. Would buy again.
Installed three! No sags, easy install!
All three are perfect. I've included a before ricking and after ricking picture. Yes there is only one picture. After adding the slats the gates did not sag a single bit. Even after a 3 hour long torrential downpour adding who knows how much weight the gates still refuse to sag.
Anyone with mechanical common sense can do this
The easiest gate I built yet. This gate is very versatile and simple, my 10 yr old can do it. If you have trouble with this gate, you may want to hire my 10 yr old. As I read these comments, I now understand why the army uses stick figures of people building things. I only wish they would weld less globs on joints BC I have to notch my wood so the is no strain on the metal brackets. Oh and if you only flip it over, spin it around, flop it up side down, you'll find this gate can be placed in any ANY configuration, any sized boards with the understanding that the gate may be set in an inch or so, in some cases; shouldn't be a big deal unless you're really nuts about flush mounting. One other wish is to have option for more brackets to place a center board across, oh and pix of ideas pep's had done.
Fantastic product
I had the frame done in less than an hour and the gate is 10X better than the one I ripped out.
Easy gate - very easy to put together
I bought the product about a month ago. It went to together very easily. The now is no sagging to the gate. My old gate had a diagonal piece but the easy gate is much superior. The free shipping was great.
Good Product
I am a professional contractor. I have built gates for fences every way you can possibly think of. This is the best system I have seen yet. The brackets are strong and simple as well as fast. I just did a fence this past week with 4 gates and had them all built in less than an hour. For all the reviews that say it needs instructions, this is so simple that the picture on the front of the box is more than enough instruction. I highly recommend this product and even though I am a professional any homeowner shouldn't have any problem using it.
Excellent Quality & Easy to Build
I used 3 kits for 3 gates in my fence 3 years ago. They were super-easy to put together and versatile. I made a narrow, tall gate, a wide gate and a normal gate. They all look as good as the day I installed them.
This is a great product
I have purchase 3 set about 10 years ago. It was easy and fast to do. I have purchased 3 more sets because my wood fence is falling apart and I decided to have every thing new. The old set I will use for the other side of my house. In fact I purchased another set for my in-law because their gate is sagging.
Relatively easy
Good kit. I built two matching gates. Kits were relatively easy to use, however both kits were not square. With a few adjustments I overcame the problem.

EasyGate® No-Sag Gate Kit

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Homax® EasyGate® No-Sag Gate Kit enables any homeowner to build a sag-free gate frame in as little as 20 minutes. The kit includes 4 gate brackets with attached hinges and screws for easy assembly. Hinges and screws are constructed of powder-coated steel in a black finish to resist rust. Use with openings of 25" to 72" wide and there’s no height restrictions.





Building a fence or utility gate properly is critical to reduce sagging and maintain use and longevity over time.

Homax® EasyGate® No-Sag Gate Kit enables any homeowner to build a sag-free, square gate in as little as 20 minutes. The kit includes 4 gate brackets with attached hinges and screws for easy assembly. All parts are constructed of heavy powder-coated steel in a black finish to resist rust. Constructs a gate for an opening of 25" to 72" wide, with no height restrictions. Fits various lumber sizes (2x3s, 2x4s, 2x6s, etc.) and types. Choose a left or right swing. Ideal for use with fence gates, driveway gates, corral gates, and shed doors.

Why Choose Homax EasyGate No-Sag Bracket Kit?
  • Build custom sized gates, add to pre-fab gate applications, or repair sagging gates.
  • Black powder coated steel construction enables sturdy, square no-sag gate
  • Salt-spray tested, weather and rust-resistant
  • High-quality, welded one-piece design for maximum strength
  • Accommodates various horizontal rail sizes
  • Use for left or right-swinging gate
  • No Z-bracing required
  • No angled cuts needed
  • For openings 25 in. (63.5cm) to 72 in. (183cm) wide; no height restriction
Each kit includes:
  • (2) hinged brackets
  • (2) non-hinged brackets
  • (36) mounting screws
Where To Use
  • Fence gates
  • Driveway gates
  • Corral gates
  • Shed doors
  • Deck gates
Homax EasyGate No-Sag Gate Kit can be used on wooden fence gates to add curb appeal and character to your home, while enhancing privacy and safety. In addition, you can use EASYGATE to build utility gates such farm fences, livestock stall doors, and driveway gates to protect your property, equipment and more.

Building a sturdy, square gate and eliminating problem gate sagging is a snap with Homax EasyGate No-Sag Bracket Kit.

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Tools Required:
  • Saw
  • Screw Driver or Screw Gun
  • Drill
  • 1/8” Drill Bit
Note: Pre-Drill all screw holes with 1/8” drill bit

Key: Wood Screw (W), Pan Head Screw (P)