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How To: Repair a Chipped Sink

I hate it when that happens! You dropped something in the sink and took a dime-sized chunk out of the porcelain. Don’t fret, and don’t feel like you have to live with the blemish in your sink OR go to the cost and hassle of replacing it.

Homax ChipFix is an epoxy repair solution developed to tackle this irritating problem. The two part epoxy filler and finish touch up is mixed in the small plastic tray supplied as packaging, then applied with a brush to the sink surface. The self-leveling formula also works great on tubs and ceramic tile.

  1. Take care to read instructions thoroughly before you begin.

  2. Sand chip area and edges smooth to ensure good adhesion.

  3. Clean area and rinse with water. Allow to dry.

  4. Remove both vials from plastic blister on package –this is your mixing tray.

  5. Empty both vial contents into tray and mix carefully with brush supplied for one minute.

  6. Allow mixture to ‘cure’ for 30 minutes at room temperature.

  7. Apply a light coating to the chip. Wipe away any drips or smudges with a moistened towel.

  8. Apply a second coat after 45 minutes if needed (clean brush between applications with lacquer thinner).

  9. Wait 5 days before cleaning with a non-abrasive bathroom cleaner.